Fethiye town and its numerous surrounding villages are beautiful beyond words, with their modest total population of 81,000 people; they form a quaint Mediterranean seafront municipality in the South West coast of Turkey.  The striking bay and yacht marina are at the forefront of Fethiye and are the meeting point where locals and visitors gather to eat delicious food, relax with a refreshing drink and watch the crystal clear waters lap onto the shore.  The backdrop is just as stunning with the pine clad hills and mammoth snow capped mountains in the distance, Fethiye has a picture postcard appearance that people of all nationalities feel an instant and deep affection for.


The climate is what allows visitors and locals to fully enjoy everything that Fethiye has to offer as for most of the year time is spent outside in the fresh sea and mountain air.  The hot sultry summer months are for pursuing seaside and yachting activities, the beautiful spring and autumn months are best for walking and exploring, and the winter is much milder than most of Europe so, can host many great evenings fireside in Fethiye’s numerous bars and restaurants.


From Fethiye marina, every morning during the long summer season, visitors can board one of the many boats and yachts available to spend a relaxing day cruising around the bays and islands and swim in the warm translucent sea.  The 12 islands boat trip is probably the most popular day trip for visitors staying near Fethiye as relaxing and entertaining its guests are always the main aim of the captain and crew.


All the boat trips represent incredible value for money with a delicious BBQ lunch included in the day of seafaring.  Popular anchoring points such as Tarzan Bay, Red Island, and Aquarium Bay provide wonderful opportunities to swim in crystal clear waters, snorkel and discover the many fish and sea creatures and even do some light fishing.  Some very lucky sailors witness the playful activities of the dolphins that frequent Fethiye Bay, often showing off and racing alongside the boats.


Fethiye is not a large town, but it is full of all the culture and amenities needed for a wonderful stay.  There are the ancient stone built buildings and narrow lanes of the Old Town (Paspatur) with shading provided by tropical flowers and grape vines.  This is the perfect place to indulge in the purchase of authentic gifts; great quality leather items, high standard gold and silver jewellery and all manner of carpets and textiles.  An enjoyable break can be taken to sample the delights of the local restaurants; selling fresh fish and sumptuous ‘meze’ dishes accompanied by warm stone baked bread, before continuing the discovery of the atmospheric Old Town once more.


Whilst exploring the Old Town, deep in the heart of it lays an ancient traditional Turkish bath (Hamam).   It was originally built in the 16th century but is still used to this day by locals and tourists alike.  Attending a Turkish bath is a popular social event enjoyed by many as well as a beautifying and healthy experience.


More cultural delights can be found in the Fethiye amphitheatre, a short stroll from the Old Town.  Apparently the stunning structure and huge stonework dates back to the 2nd Century BC and astonishingly it is still in use today with live candle lit classical concerts being held during the beautiful summer evenings.  Many artefacts including Roman statues and sculptures were discovered during the excavation of the amphitheatre which can now be found exhibited in Fethiye Museum, another nice place to visit.


The eerie Lycian rock tombs overlooking Fethiye are clearly visible in the elevated rock faces and are also reachable by foot from the town centre.  They are ornate temple style hand carved tombs which were the final resting place for the dignitaries of the local Lycian society over 2,500 years ago.  The views from this outdoor museum are breathtaking presenting you the whole picturesque town and the many miles of countryside beyond.


For the more adventurous visitor interested in a gentle hike, there is a famous hillside walk through the rocky pine forests named the ‘Lycian Way’ leading from Fethiye to the nearby ‘Ghost Village’ of Kayakoy.   A visit to Kayakoy village is a superb day out whether it is reached by foot or, by the usual method, minibus service.  It is a deserted ancient Anatolian Greek village of 3,000 homes that has been so well preserved; you can envisage what life was like for the many residents who had to flee this beautiful area in the not so ancient 1920’s.  There are now only around 2,000 residents who are lucky enough to live in this area of outstanding natural beauty and live museum.  The small population ensures that the clean, cool air stays pure and the historical artefacts stay preserved for many more generations to come.


The location of Fethiye town is a superb base to explore and visit the stunning surrounding areas of natural beauty.  Everywhere is accessible by both water taxi, excursion trip, jeep safari, and a very practical minibus service.


Oludeniz beach is a short drive from Fethiye and well worth the 20min journey through the mountains and local villages.  Its images are all over the Turkish holiday brochures, a famous location and protected conservation area of outstanding natural beauty.  Being quite a vast area means there is something for everyone, water sports, boat trips and even paragliding from the nearby Babadag Mountain.  But if complete relaxation and solitude is what you are craving, there is more than enough room for everyone.  The famous ‘Blue Lagoon’ area is as calm as a crystal clear lake surrounded by beaches and fresh green forests and hills.  People that have visited here have been astounded by its beauty and nature voting it as one of the World’s top ten beaches.


Whatever area you may find yourself visiting in Fethiye, one thing is for sure; the food is delicious and eating out plays a huge role in the culture and day to day lives of both locals and tourists.  It all starts from the languor of an extensive seafront Turkish breakfast, right through to the delightful ‘meze’ starter dishes in the bustling fresh fish market restaurants or authentic Turkish kebab houses.  In between there are numerous stops for chats and tea or coffee with the locals when they invite you to join them in their daily discussions.


An exceptionally welcoming place, Fethiye is safe and family friendly.  Children are warmly accepted everywhere and there are numerous parks and areas for them to play and enjoy the weather.  Whatever the time of day and night the local people will not hesitate to help visitors with directions or transport queries, great friendships have been formed between many locals and the regular guests to Fethiye.


Distances from Fethiye to other popular locations:


Fethiye – Dalaman (nearest International airport) 45km

Fethiye – Calis 7km

Fethiye – Oludeniz 16km

Fethiye – Gocek 22km

Fethiye – Saklikent 45km

Fethiye – Dalyan 65km

Fethiye – Kalkan 81km

Fethiye – Kaputas beach 83km

Fethiye – Marmaris 135km

Fethiye – Antalya 201km





The town of Fethiye is built on the site of the ancient ruins of Telmessos meaning the land of lights.  During the Classical Era, Telmessos was the most important city on the Carian border, located to the west of Lycia, being one of the most ancient Anatolian civilizations known.


Its history traces back to the 5th century B.C.  It is said that the name Telmessos comes from son of the mythological god Apollo.


The city was occupied by Persians, Hellens (under the Command of Alexander the Great) and Romans.  Later in history, Fethiye was incorporated into the Ottoman territories where it was named MEGRI meaning distant city.


In 1934 the city was given the name of Fethiye to honour the memory of Mr. Fethi, one of the first pilots of the Ottoman Air Force killed on an early mission.



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